Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Liberal" Media an example

Comment by Zarathustra
FOX news is exactly what it says it is : A right wing, conservative, war mongering, xenophobic, sensationalist, racist, anti third world, Christian fundamentalist media outlet. They never hide who they are, and are proud of their own agenda and are always consistent in their views.

The "liberal" media that FOX news attacks (ABC , CNN , NPR...etc) is far more sinister and dangerous and deceptive in my view. They are wolves in sheep's clothes, their reporting on many issues especially the ones about the middle east is plainly atrocious. This morning I came across this headline from CNN:  "Young Lebanon bomb victim faces uncertain future" , I was intrigued and I clicked on the link
to see what the article is all about and to my not so surprise, it was exactly as sinister and deceptive
of an article as I have read in a while.

They start off the article describing the plight of "Muhammad Hajj Moussa" who lost both legs 3 years ago to a cluster bomb in south Lebanon. The reporter mentions "War was raging in southern Lebanon at the time." ... No mention of what that "war" was, no mention on between who and who no mention on where the cluster bomb came from , no question on who broke "the cease fire". Reading the article you are led to believe that maybe Aliens were responsible for the war, or maybe Lebanese themselves , since the Lebanese civil war is mentioned later in passing. But not a single mention of any of Israel's countless campaigns, invasions , occupations and attacks on Lebanon over the past decades.

The Doctor  treating the patients goes on and says "Instead, Lebanon's repeated outbreaks of violence keep bringing in new victims of conflict. "Many of our patients come from South Lebanon and are just like Muhammad, sometimes worse," says Singer. People working in mine-contaminated fields -- agricultural laborers, shepherds -- are frequent victims, he says. "

Again those mines and cluster bombs grow in the fields of south Lebanon just like strawberries do. They are there just accept it and move on.

Under the false pretense of reporting about the victim suffering, CNN's editors consciously PROTECT the identity of perpetrators of Muhammad's suffering. No mention of Israel, it's bombing campaign that destroyed everything in south Lebanon and Southern suburb of Beirut killing over 1300 people mostly civilians and the millions of cluster bombs dropped by Israel in the last 48 hours of the it's campaign as the cease fire was getting negotiated (where
Israel still refuses to give Lebanon map of the cluster bombs 3 years after dropping millions of them)

Israel is mentioned once in passing "Paradoxically, he says the Israeli army's withdrawal from southern Lebanon, in May 2000, led to a spike in mine accidents"
Again the reader is left with no answer to what Israel's role was and still is in the premise of this article.

FOX news does not acknowledge the existence of victims such as Muhammad and does not pretend that it cares. CNN tries to show that they care when in reality they have done a greater disservice to Muhammad and all the victims of Israeli war crimes by painting a vague, incomplete , dishonest and murky picture of their situation. Which is worse  I ask you ?

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