Friday, May 15, 2009

Real News Video with Pepe Escobar: Obama and Osama - McChrystal clear

The more it changes, the more the "war on terror" stays the same

More at The Real News

"No one really knows the fate of the man who was the reason for the Bush administration-proclaimed "war on terror". Some influential Pakistanis say the Americans don't know it. The Americans admit they don't know it. President George W. Bush wanted him dead or alive. No one really knows whether he's dead or alive. President Barack Obama says he and his organization remain the number one threat to the U.S. But even America's most media-savvy general admits his organization is not in Afghanistan anymore. Would that be reason enough for the U.S. to finally leave Afghanistan? On the contrary: now there's a new - counterinsurgent - top boot on the ground."

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