Friday, August 7, 2009

The Buffoon: Saeb Erakat: You Bet.

By Angry Arab

""“I am proud,” said Saeb Erekat, a senior aide of Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president and Fatah’s leader. “Are we fighting? You bet! Are we screaming at each other? You bet!”" And after a pause he added: Are we planning to assassinate the critics of Dahlan? You bet. Are we stealing the money of the Palestinian people? You bet. Are we collaborating with Israel in its occupation of Palestine? You bet. Are we covering up the assassination of Arafat? You bet. Am I the biggest baffoon ever produced on the Palestinian stage since Ahmad Shuqayri? You bet. Do we lie to the Palestinian people? You bet. Do I offer to shine the shoes of Israeli leaders? You bet. Are we proud of Muhammad Dahlan's gangs when they fled in their underwears from Gaza? You bet. Is Abu Mazen the chief puppet for the US/Israel? You bet. Do the Palestinian people make fun of me when I speak and yell? You bet. Do we prostrate to Arab oil princes? You bet. Is the Fath conference the mother of all jokes? You bet. "

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