Wednesday, June 13, 2007

British Tory leader David Cameron says "I am a Zionist"

"Bethlehem – Ma'an – British conservative leader and candidate for next Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced that he is a Zionist. His announcement was made during a luncheon for Conservative Friends of Israel on Tuesday.

At the same time Cameron slammed the decision of the British University and College Union (UCU) to consider an academic boycott of Israel. Cameron said the campaign was completely uncalled for and alluded to such criticism of Israel as teetering on anti-Semitism.

Cameron also stated that the construction of the separation wall through the Palestinian West Bank is justified.

British website for coverage of the Tory party, Conservative Home, reported that Cameron "described Israel as a force for good, a standard bearer of democracy in the Middle East and on the frontline on the war against terrorism."

The Conservative leader conveyed “Israel as a force for good in the wider world….Conservatives share many of the same values and outlook as Israel. Quite naturally therefore we should work closely together”......"

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