Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Smart Move

Fatah movement in Gaza Strip splits; Khalid Abu Halal proclaims himself new head of Fatah in the Gaza Strip

"Gaza - Ma'an –A spokesperson for the Palestinian ministry of interior, Khalid Abu Hilal, said on Thursday night that "Hamas will not harm the good people of Fatah; the punishment will be directed against the collaborators."

In a press conference held in Gaza, Abu Hilal stated that he is now the head of the Fatah movement in the Gaza Strip. He described Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan, and many other Fatah leaders as "collaborators".

He declared "the good and honorable people of the Fatah movement have rejected the collaborator trend in Fatah."

He confirmed that he has reached an agreement with leaders of the Hamas-affiliated Al Qassam Brigades, that the "good" people of Fatah will not be harmed. He stated that an emergency committee has been formed "in order to protect the good Fatah people… this committee will be temporary, in order to rearrange the affairs of the Fatah movement"."

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