Thursday, May 15, 2008

What was not mentioned in Nasrallah’s press conference: To Gain Victory, Wipe out Arab “States/Regimes”

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By Dr. Adel Samara
Occupied Ramallah

"In his recent press conference, Nasrallah, the leader of Hizbullah, was clear and consistent about resistance. He exemplified the character of a leader of a tenacious resistance, in contrast to resistance movements that have been bribed and co-opted. He proved that when your goal is clear, so should be your strategy and actions.

There is plenty that Nasrallah, the leader of the Lebanese resistance, did not say at the press conference.

We live in a time of resistance to foreign occupation and local subjugation. That being the case, the antagonistic relationship between resistance and the state in Arab Homeland is inevitable. Although this central point was not mentioned by Nasrallah, it is possible that he figured that the time has not come to make such a statement publicly.

The current Arab “states/regimes” were artificially created by the colonial British/French powers through the secret 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement to divide Arab Mashreq (the Asian portion of the Arab Homeland) into several smaller regimes, with diluted power and economy. This deep division underlies most of the failures and underdevelopment of the Arab Homeland. Foreign occupations of the various portions of the Arab Homeland occurred during the reign of Arab regimes. None of these foreign occupiers was ever vanquished by the resistance of any of these “Arab regimes”. The role of these regimes has not been to liberate Arab land. Traditionally, Arab states/regimes have offered resistance movements only two alternative examples:

· Accept bribery by money - as the case of PLO, which has degenerated to the level of a semi-Arab regime accepting crumbs of its own land.
· Or they, i.e. the regimes, stood firmly against the resistance.

In the press conference, Nasrallah did not mention that Arab states/regimes were not created, and will not exist to address the needs of Arab people. Arab regimes/states are one of the enemies of the Arab people. He did not call the masses to overthrow these regimes as a first step towards liberating their lands, and towards their human liberation. Why human liberation? Because in spite of all the crimes committed by these states/regimes, most ordinary people are naïve enough to accept the attempts of these regimes to foment intra-Arab and sectarian wars (e.g. between Sunnis and Shiites). Hizbullah sees this and, together with its allies, have shown outright disdain for the current regime in Lebanon: a regime that is led directly, not just influenced, by the criminal US regime and is proud of its relationship with it.

Also, Nasrallah did not mention that if a war were to break out in Lebanon the resistance will not be attacked only by the mercenaries of the Lebanese right wing militias, but by:

· Mercenaries from all over the world, like those who are brought to Iraq by the US, including those from the Zionist regime.
· The Zionist regime itself will join the aggressors when the resistance engages in the internal war.
· Arab regimes, either through using their armed forces directly, or by funding the aggressors, or both.

Further, Nasrallah did not mention that Arab political parties, intellectuals, workers’ movements, women’s organizations, students, in Arab countries must stand firmly against the Arab regimes which prepare, as commanded by the US, for a sectarian war - a war that once started, will never stop.

Furthermore, Nasrallah did not mention that what is going on in Lebanon now is deeply related with what is going on in Iraq, especially in Basra. There, the campaign is against any Arab/Islamic resistance movement, even though al-Sadr current is not radical enough. What the US/Zionist and Arab comprador are looking for is not only collaborating regimes, but parties that can be corrupted, and even treasonous parties and ideologies.

Nasrallah did not mention that what the enemies demand from Lebanon is to be a typical Arab regime, i.e. a state led and ruled by the US and the Zionists. The US, and western capitalist regimes, need a globalized Lebanon which submits to their agenda: “No resistance in the era of globalization”.

Lastly, Nasrallah did not mention that any Arab, from Morocco to Iraq to Sudan who does not support the resistance, should be considered a traitor, even if he is ignorant.

To achieve victory, you must defeat Arab comprador regime, in all its forms. This is the only route for liberation, dignity, unity and development. "

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