Thursday, November 12, 2009

Assad: Syria has no preconditions for peace talks with Israel

اسمع كلامك يعجبني أشوف فصولك استعجب
(I hear you speak and I like it , I see your actions and I wonder ?) Egyptian proverb that best summarizes Assad.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said Wednesday that he would not set any preconditions for peace negotiations with Israel.

"Resistance is the essence of our policy in the past and in future. We have no conditions to achieve peace but rather rights and we will not abandon them," he said.

In a speech opening the 5th Conference of the Arab Parties titled "The Independent Arab Decision", Assad stressed that Arab solidarity is a necessity for the independence of the Arab decision.

The Syrian president added that his country must remain strong in all aspects, in order to attain a favorable peace agreement.

"The new Middle East we've started building is a Middle East whose essence is resistance," said Assad.
[Comment: Syria has a special way of "resistance" and it has been contemplating the time and place of the battle for over 35 years...]

The Syrian leader said that rather than discussing a settlement freeze in the West Bank, he wanted to see a complete demolition of Israeli infrastructure there.

"What about dismantling settlements instead of stopping them and more importantly, what about ending the occupation?" he said.

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