Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tahrir, Islamists and the bumpy road to theocracy

Bikya Masr

"CAIRO: Thousands of Egyptians filled Tahrir Square to denounce the former head of intelligence Omar Suleiman’s decision to join the presidential race.

Muslim Brotherhood members and Salafists mobilized supporters to the square this morning in a call to “protect the revolution” from a perceived intention of Mubarak-era officials to dominate national politics once again.

“[Omar] Suleiman is the face the old regime. His eligibility to run represents a return to the days of Mubarak,” says an Abu Ismail spokesperson. “Suleiman can only win in a fraudulent election. If he does, there is no doubt that we will return to the streets and reignite the revolution.”

While the parliament recently passed a law banning former Mubarak officials to run for office, the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has yet to approve of it.....

Revolutionary youth movements who called for a mass demonstration next week were absent for today’s rally to distance themselves from the Islamists movements."

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