Monday, April 9, 2012

US to Iran: Surrender Dorothy!

“Negotiations” preceded by ultimatum

by Justin Raimondo
, April 09, 2012

"On a recent trip to Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid down the law: America must threaten the Iranians with war if Tehran insists on pursuing its nuclear energy program. We are supposed to take seriously Netanyahu’s threats to strike Iran himself, in spite of the fact that Israel has neither the means nor the political resolve to do so. However, this is not the way Israel operates: their preferred method is to let Uncle Sam do their dirty work, as in Iraq, while they save their resources for aggression closer to home. The Israel-is-about-to-attack-Iran meme gives the Americans cover to take action in the name of preventing a supposedly greater catastrophe. With Israel playing the part of the unhinged pit-bull, Obama’s assigned role is that of the statesman, who is going to give the Iranians one “last chance,” as he put it.

In any case, the results of Netanyahu’s mission were unveiled on Saturday, when the New York Times revealed the opening negotiating position of the US and its European allies in the upcoming talks with Iran: the Western alliance is demanding the dismantling of the heavily fortified Fordo facility and the unconditional surrender of their entire stock of 20 percent enriched uranium......

I have to hand it to the War Party: a mere decade after ginning up a war based entirely on lies and manipulated “intelligence,” they’re on the verge of pulling it off again, in a nearly identical manner. Only this time the stakes are much higher, the “enemy” is a lot more formidable, and the chances of the conflict becoming regional or even worldwide are near certainty.

The Fordo facility is being fixated on for the simple reason that it makes for good war propaganda: a “heavily fortified” underground complex, where those evil Eye-ranians can make “weapons of mass destruction” in the dark. What our war-crazed media routinely fails to report, however, is that cameras are recording activities in that facility twenty-four hours a day, and Western surveillance of other sites is close and constant. If the Iranians were about to develop a nuclear bomb, we would know it well in advance. ....."

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