Saturday, December 22, 2007

Refusing to accept apartheid in Beit Jala

Trees marked with white will soon be uprooted to make way for the wall in Beit Jala.

The wall runs through the agricultural lands in Beit Jala.

By Adri Nieuwhof and Amer Madi writing from Beit Jala, occupied West Bank, Live from Palestine, 22 December 2007

"Last night the rains finally arrived in Beit Jala, a small town in the West Bank, one kilometer west of Bethlehem and about eight kilometers south of Jerusalem. Its alluring hills are covered with olive trees, vineyards and apricots. In 1967 Israel confiscated 22 percent of Beit Jala's land. Now, the construction of Israel's separation wall is in full swing and will cut off another 45 per cent of Beit Jala's land. We went to visit the area to feel the impact of the wall and listen to the stories of the farmers who didn't sell their land and choose to resist its confiscation......."

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