Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Annapolis Spirit in Action

By Adel Safty
(Prof. Adel Safty is author of From Camp David to the Gulf, Montreal, New York. His latest book, Leadership and Democracy is published by IPSL Press, New York. 2004)

"If we put aside diplomatic niceties and self-serving proclamations of an urgent need for peace and Israeli readiness to ‘make painful sacrifices’ to achieve it, the Annapolis conference in fact confirmed the logic of war. The current Israeli assault on and collective punishment of the Palestinians in Gaza prove it.

Annapolis confirmed the logic of war because American and Israeli positions indicated that whatever negotiations take place between Israelis and Palestinians would not be within the context of justice and law, but overshadowed by the realities of power produced by the Israeli war machine. The wrongdoer insists on imposing its terms on the victim as a condition of ‘peace.’ And Washington agrees; while those who represent the international community consensus on the conflict – such as the United Nations- are politely relegated to the insignificant status of observer. And Washington agrees....."

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