Saturday, February 2, 2008

Canada Probe Blames Israel for Killing 4 UN Observers


"02/02/2008 A Canadian probe has blamed the Israeli army for the killing of UN observer in south Lebanon during the 2006 Israeli war against Lebanon. "The deaths of Canadian Major Paeta Hess-Von Kruedener and three other unarmed observers from China, Austria and Finland were tragic and preventable," the board said.
The UN observers died when their compound was hit by a 500-kilo bomb dropped by an Israel Air Force aircraft. The compound was also hit by four 155-mm artillery shells fired by Israeli forces during the war, the report said. The heavily censored report said the compound's main building was nearly destroyed by the strikes.
The board could not assign blame beyond the Israeli military because neither the UN nor the the Israeli army fully cooperated with the investigation. "The IDF provided only an oral summary of its findings that was of limited use," said the board.
The report's 13 recommendations include calls for better communication and situational analysis, but it found no fault with UN command in the area of operations."

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