Friday, May 8, 2009

Netanyahu's three-step solution

The US expects Israel to participate fully with its Middle East gameplan – but Bibi's counter-offensive is already taking shape

Simon Tisdall, Thursday 7 May 2009

"......Netanyahu is working up a three-pronged counter-strategy. His cribsheet reads something like this.

One: raise the spectre of Iran, then raise it again, and again. "Something significant is happening today in the Middle East," Netanyahu told the Aipac conference by video-link. "For the first time in my lifetime, I believe for the first time in a century, Arabs and Jews see a common danger."......

Two: talk nice, be reasonable and confound the "hawk" stereotype. "We are prepared to resume peace negotiations without any delay and without any preconditions," Netanyahu said this week......

Three: uphold national security and integrity. In Netanyahu's view, talk of implementing a two-state solution is premature while unwithdrawn threats remain. "For a final peace settlement to be achieved, the Palestinians must recognise Israel as the Jewish state ... as the nation-state of the Jewish people."......."

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