Saturday, April 16, 2011

NATO Prepares for ‘Long War’ in Libya

Analysts See No End in Sight for Air Campaign

By Jason Ditz

"With officials increasingly up front with the fact that the Libyan War is a stalemate, NATO is not looking to extricate itself from the conflict. Rather, analysts say, NATO seems to be gearing up for an open-ended conflict.[Surprise, Surprise! Was this not the plan from the beginning?] With some of the alliance’s top members saying that simultaneously Gadhafi isn’t a target but that the war will continue “until he leaves,” they have defined what seems to be an unending conflict. Which analysts say is the point....."


This whole NATO, gradual invasion of Libya, reminds me of a story from Arab folklore, with a moral.

Two cats find a piece of cheese and they start fighting about who gets the cheese. After a while, they said to each other, "instead of fighting, let us share the cheese." The problem was how to divide the cheese. One suggested going to the village monkey, who normally was assumed to be a wise and unbiased judge.

Off they went, and the monkey was glad to be the arbiter. He got his scales out, cut the cheese into two pieces and put one piece on each side of the scales. One side was slightly heavier than the other, so he took a little bite and put it back. Now the other side was heavier, so he took a bite from the other piece. This process continued until the wise monkey ate the whole cheese.

And this is the story of Libya and the "humanitarian" NATO.

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