Saturday, April 16, 2011

No one owns Syria's uprising

Assad's regime blames 'extremists', but Syria's young are leading the way, with broad support

Ali al-Bayanouni

(a lawyer and former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.)
The Guardian
, Saturday 16 April 2011

"....In the last few days the Syrian media have claimed that opposition groups, in particular the Muslim Brotherhood, are behind the protests. The aim is to justify the regime's violent response to the Syrian people's peaceful protests. In fact, none of the opposition groups can claim ownership of this youthful revolution. We, along with many others from across the political spectrum, called for the formation of a national coalition to support the youth, but in no way do we claim ownership of these historic events. We are committed to peaceful means, and we endorse the aims of the revolution to build a civil state committed to rule of law, governed by a new constitution that emerges from the will of the people through a transparent and free vote. It is time that all Syrians – men and women alike, regardless of ethnicity or religion – enjoy equal citizenship. The dictator is not to be believed. Syrians are a civilised and progressive people; we come from a long line of poets who wrote about love and peace. These protests call for nothing more than the recapture of the people's collective sense of dignity, citizenship and freedom. Let's hope they are met by a changed attitude from the international community, which for so long has let them down. To date hundreds have fallen as a result of live fire from the regime's security forces, and many more will undoubtedly fall before the aspirations of the people are met."

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