Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dahalan advises Fatah cadres in Gaza not to fight IOF

Contributed by Lucia in Spain

"AMMAN, (PIC)-- Leader of the mutiny trend in Fatah faction Mohammed Dahalan has urged cadres and leaders of his Movement in Gaza not to be driven by their compassion to help Hamas in the ongoing fighting with the IOF troops.

Dahalan's "advice" was exposed by members within Fatah at odds with him and published in the Jordanian weekly Al-Sabeel newspaper Tuesday.

The letter was circulated to a number of Fatah leaders in Gaza Strip, calling on them to keep the letter secret and urging them not to be "driven" by their compassion to help Hamas fighters in the battle against the Israeli occupation army.

The IOF troops killed more than 120 Palestinians and wounded more than 350 others over the past few days without discrimination. At least 20 children were among the fatalities.

"Don’t let your feelings and compassion to push you into getting involved in a battle which is neither your battle nor the battle of the Palestinian people. This is the battle of Hamas", Dahalan said in his "secret" letter.

The letter is expected to create a clamor among Fatah senior members not on good terms with Dahalan who would view the letter as "shameful".

"Leave Hamas in the dilemma it is experiencing in Gaza and never help it in getting out of the Gaza quagmire", Dahalan furthermore advised his comrades......."

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