Saturday, March 8, 2008

From Dr. Mona El-Farra in Gaza: Women International Day -Gaza style

"With all my love and respect to all the women of the world , i send my special message from Gaza ,
In few hours at 11am local time , many Palestinian women and children of Gaza will gather at the anonymous soldier square (Jundi Majhoul), to commemorate this special day ,
and to ask the international community and specially the women of the world on this special day , not to be silent while real crimes are daily committed towards the children and women of Palestine ,we want to tell the whole world : ,it is not the siege or the wall , it is not the continuous military brutalities against us , that will bring security to Israel , what will bring security to all is PEACE BASED ON JUSTICE ,and justice means Palestinian people right to live in dignity and equality , based on achieving our national inalienable goals .
From Gaza, i call upon you all to show your solidarity and support for us. Call upon your governments to stop the siege against Gaza NOW,
in Gaza we have so beautiful flowers to send you, but the borders are closed so we cannot export our flowers to you!!!!!!!!!!!!in the meantime people have become so sad and frustrated and most important very impoverished , to think of romantic flowers
but candles are so popular in Gaza , because we don’t have power supply and our children lack clean drinking water ,as well as many food important items to grow up healthier and stronger .

With all my love and happy women day."

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