Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is It Genocide Yet??

Nowhere To Run To

By Mohammed Omer

"JABALYIA, Gaza, Mar 5 (IPS) - An ambulance races through Jabalyia refugee camp to pick up the critically injured – and the body parts strewn across the street. A normal day's job these days.

Families crouch in makeshift shelters around handheld radios, listening out for some word that their agony will end. There is no electricity, clean water is at a premium.

No sign yet of an end to the 'hot winter' that Israel has determined for Gaza residents. Israel is determined to finish the elected Hamas government and leadership.

If there is activity around Jabaliya camp, it is at the Kamal Adwan hospital. The wounded are brought in one after another. Frantic family members struggle to grab the attention of exhausted emergency room orderlies, doctors and nurses......

The United Nations defines 'massacre' as the death of 50 or more civilians. Operation Hot Winter claimed 60 lives on its first day, and so far at least 126 killed, among them 39 children and babies, and 12 women, and 380 injured. Hundreds of houses have been destroyed."

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