Saturday, May 15, 2010

Almost as Much Fun as Watching Saturday Night Live: Ahmadinejad: 'US attack on Iran highly unlikely'

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Press TV

"....In an exclusive interview conducted by the Al Jazeera network on Friday, Ahmadinejad stated that no country has the power to confront Iran, and added that Tehran advocates diplomacy as the ideal way to deal with international issues, the Fars news agency reported.

Ahmadinejad said Iran does not even take Israel into account and noted that Tel Aviv is not able to wage a war against the Islamic Republic.

He went on to say that Western countries occupied Iraq and Afghanistan in an effort to protect the "Zionist regime" [Is this why Iran helped the Great Satan?]and asked how a regime that itself needs protection could wage a war on Iran.....

Not only are the Islamic and Middle Eastern countries dissatisfied with Western governments but even the people of Europe are dissatisfied with them, he added. The Iranian president noted that the same is true in the US and the main reason is the West's greed......."

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