Thursday, May 13, 2010

Indirect Peace Talks should be renounced

By Abdelbari Atwan

".....Indirect negotiations, which began yesterday, according to an announcement by Dr Saeb Erekat [Sa'ib Urayqat], head of the PNA negotiations department, will take place according to Israeli conditions and for goals that have nothing to do with the Palestinian people and their aspirations to return home and regain all their usurped rights.

The "written" approval to participate in the negotiations is unlawful and all those participating in them, on all levels, do not enjoy any legitimate authorization by the people at home and in the diaspora. Therefore, any agreements reached in these negotiations would not be binding on the Palestinian people. The claim that the PNA would submit the agreements to the people in a public referendum is rejected, because it is a falsification of the people's will.....

Indirect negotiations are another attempt to foil a crystallizing Palestinian tendency towards resistance in all its forms, particularly after the people have become convinced that the two-state solution is no longer possible and the peace process has failed. Therefore, the Palestinian people and those participating in the peace process must renounce it before it is too late. We are the first to renounce it....."

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