Monday, October 22, 2007

BOMBSHELL! French Police investigate Sarkozy's background as Mossad agent

"I have translated this French article as well as I could. Its content is just unbelievable and I couldn't wait any longer for someone else to translate it so that I could share it.

Frankly, I don't know how it is that a MAJOR French newspaper reports such news and it is not headlines all over the world... We have been saying in this blog that Sarkozy has Zionist 'preferences'... We were saying that Sarkozy was a Zionist agent... Well take a Xanax and read this article...

Strange Accusations of a Cyber-raven
Le Figaro, October 12, 2007

INTERNET The PJ (Police Judiciere) investigates an electronic mail that was sent during the presidential election to one hundred top responsible of the police force. The email affirms that Sarkozy, like Balkany, Lellouche, Devedjian and Aeschlimann were connected to Mossad......

Here is the original French article:

Les étranges accusations d’un cybercorbeau
Le Figaro, October 12, 2007

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