Monday, October 22, 2007

Israeli armored cars enter Lebanon via Jordan


"22/10/2007 In a serious and flagrant breach of the most critical issues of security in Lebanon, Israel publicly entered the field of assassinations. Under the title of protecting those who are exposed to assassinations, Israeli Channel 10 revealed that Israeli companies are exporting their armored cars to Lebanon in order to protect certain individuals from an assassination campaign that has been taking place in Lebanon two years on. Channel 10 said these cars are armored enough to protect passengers from roadside bombs and anti-armor rockets. It added that the armored cars reach Lebanon from Israel via Jordan and then Iraq into Lebanon. This issue has raised speculations over Lebanon's exposure which allows such Israeli vehicles to reach it and raises questions about what keeps Israel from sending booby trapped cars into the country, the same way they are exporting their armored vehicles. Israeli commentators confirmed the news adding that "there are lots of Israelis who export such vehicles to Lebanon via Jordan using imaginary company names based in Europe."

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