Sunday, October 21, 2007

Enough is enough

Comment by Khalid Amayreh

"......It is really difficult to give Abbas the benefit of the doubt.

Any Palestinian man, woman or child has the right to wonder how could a leader who is passively and callously watching 1.5 million of his own people being tormented and slowly liquidated in a concentration-camp setting be entrusted with the national burden and with paramount issues like Jerusalem and the right of return for more than five million Palestinian refugees awaiting repatriation to their homes?

Besides, how many more meetings with “honest and straightforward” Olmert will Abbas need to realize that Olmert, the man who last year ordered his army to drop 2,000,000 cluster bomblets on southern Lebanon , can not be trusted?.....

Abbas reportedly got angry and threatened to boycott the Annapolis conference. Well, so what? Abbas’s anger is the anger of a helpless man whose very political survival depends on the good will of his “honest and straightforward” enemy, the Olmert government. And the US, where prostitute-like presidential hopefuls vie with each other to appease their Jewish masters and bankrollers, can’t help him either.

Unfortunately, Abbas has said and done virtually everything he could to cheapen himself and his people in the sight of friends and foes alike. He has violated the human and civil rights of his people, calling this “security measures” and “law and order.”

He has placed hundreds of mostly innocent people in jail, and allowed his security men to torture and mistreat detainees, all to prove to his benefactors and masters that he is tough on Hamas.

In his desperate efforts to obtain a certificate of good conduct from the Americans and the Israelis, Abbas effectively killed any semblance of the rule of law in the West Bank by giving his faceless security men a carte blanch to shoot, arrest, raid, vandalize and even murder......

I realize that Abbas has gone too far in making himself and his miserable regime decidedly subservient to Israel and the US . That is really lamentable and disgraceful. However, it is always not too late to wake up from this humiliating subservience to our Zionist enemies who continue to murder our children and destroy our homes.

As Abbas is discovering Israel’s deceitfulness and rejection of peace, he should immediately invite all Palestinian factions, including Hamas, to discuss a national salvation strategy.

And in case, Israel and the US retaliated, most likely by tightening the financial blockade, Abbas should turn the table and dissolve the Palestinian Authority, a vacuous entity with no real authority, once and for all.

Indeed, going back to the days of the direct occupation would be a thousand times better than continuing with this futile game of make believe.

The Palestinian people are simply fed up and tired by this “peace process” which only spells deception, lies, and murder."

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