Monday, October 22, 2007

Jumblatt: Send booby trapped cars to Damascus


".......Moreover, Jumblatt, who has been denouncing tutelage, found no choice but to implore Uncle Sam to help him against Syria. This was very clearly announced in several meetings, when he said that his goal was to incite against Syria and that his objective from establishing the Hariri international court was to condemn Damascus. Last but not least, Jumblatt told a recent meeting at the Washington Institute: "I don't want to be a diplomat today, and if you were able to send booby trapped cars to Damascus, then why not?"

Jumblatt's position intersected with a similar stance made by US Vice President Dick Cheney, who accused Damascus of using "bribery and intimidation" to undermine a free presidential vote.

"The United States will work with free Lebanon's other friends and allies to preserve the country's hard won independence and to defeat the forces of extremism and terror," Cheney said signaling Hezbollah. "

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