Sunday, June 6, 2010

Israel has no opposition and no alternative

What did we get instead? While Zuabi was savagely attacked in the Knesset - Livni kept mum. While Livni's faction members shouted the loudest against Zuabi, threatening to shatter the country's fragile democracy - Livni kept mum. When the blockade continued - Livni kept mum. After Israel brutally abducted the flotilla ship -
Livni skipped from one television studio to another, justifying the operation with frightening alacrity.

A dangerous, murky wave of nationalism and intolerance is washing over Israeli society. Some blame the Netanyahu-Lieberman government, but the truth is Kadima is no less to blame, no less responsible. It is not only silent, it is an active partner in the treachery. The only merchandise Livni has to offer - "the peace process" - is moldy and misleading. It's not peace, just a process.

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