Friday, May 9, 2008

Aoun: What Happened Today is Victory for Lebanon


"09/05/2008 The Head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Michel Aoun said recent incidents have put the "trail on the right track." "What took place was victory for Lebanon and its constitution", Aoun said. He added that "I had toured the world and the UN Security Council and I warned them that we are heading towards clash, but unfortunately we didn't get much attention. I also called on the Lebanese not to get weapons because they will later dispose them. I even urged the world not to back a rule that is not the size of Lebanon," General Aoun said.

"We'll return back to our daily life, our roads will be safe and we'll look forward to building Lebanon in the future", Aoun added. He assured the Lebanese people that no one will be targeted, "but some officials will have to shoulder their political responsibilities."
Aoun hoped that all streets would reopen, both opposition and government's camps (sit-in and Grand Serail) would be removed and the crisis would end completely."

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