Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blood, Oil Shatter Iraq, 5 Years after US-led Invasion


"09/04/2008 Every year since April 9, 2003, Iraq folds another page in the book of its occupation written by the United States with the blood of Iraqis; a book the US began writing five years ago but when will they finish it? There is still plenty of Iraqi blood…

Nevertheless, Iraqi people were able to overcome difficulties and establish political groups and factions. The country's first free elections were held and several competing parliamentary blocs emerged.

Moreover, as the US casualties have piled up, the occupation has been increasingly haunted by the pre-war warning reportedly delivered by secretary of state Colin Powell to President George W. Bush: "You break it, you own it."

Five years on, the Americans are still picking up the pieces......."


So, Al-Manar, "The country's first free elections were held"?? Since when elections held under American occupation are considered free? Is that because these "elections" resulted in a sectarian, Shiite "government?"

Shame on you Al-Manar; was this script written for you in Iran? I thought you were more principled than that!

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