Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The occupation has frozen Iraq. All else is tinkering

Yesterday's declaration by General Petraeus that the surge must go on will simply prolong the country's agony

Simon Jenkins
The Guardian, Wednesday April 9 2008

".....The surge sheds no light on this route. Iraq remains the most wretched country in Asia, its children dying youngest, its minorities most terrorised, its infrastructure most wrecked. Politics is in suspense, and the middle classes in exile or living in perpetual fear of death. The claim that America and Britain, who created this mess, can best serve it by continuing to hang around, bombing and shooting, is laughable.

Maliki may be the west's baby, and leaving him on the bare mountain may be harsh. But tough love is long overdue. The new Iraq, whatever that may be, has not seen an end to the beginning of its misery, let alone a beginning to the end."

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