Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Iran condemns Green Zone attacks

From the Iranian Press TV

"Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini has roundly condemned the attacks on Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone.

Hosseini denounced the ongoing tension in Baghdad's Green Zone, which is the seat of the Iraqi government and foreign embassies.

Hosseini also criticized the US forces for launching air strikes in Basra and the Shia bastion of Sadr City in Baghdad.

The spokesman added that measures taken by the Iraqi government against militants aim to establish security and stability in the war-battered country.

Hosseini also expressed hope that the occupation forces would withdraw and hand over Iraq's domestic affairs to the country's democratically-elected government.

He went on to highlight the need for increased vigilance and national unity among Iraqi factions to help secure peace and stability in the country. "


This is very interesting. So, Iran is now standing with the US in defending the Green Zone!

I think that this is one of the clearest statements from Iran that it really, really, really would love to work with and protect the interests of the Great Satan. Does this not shed more light on Ahmadinejad's recent visit and his stay in the Green Zone?

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