Thursday, February 25, 2010

Burston (Haaretz): Israel is De-legitimizing Itself

I envy the people who hate Israel
By Bradley Burston
"Without asking its people, without a second thought, Israel, at its highest level, has taken an executive decision. Unable to beat the forces who want to see Israel as one of the world’s primary pariah states, it has resolved to join them.

Determined to take our fate into its own hands. Israel, at its highest level, has decided that the job of delegitimizing the Jewish state must not be left to foreigners and amateurs. Showing itself desperate to be a pariah state, Israel will now get it done on its own. “
BTW, Burston is a fervent Zionist but for the ultra-nationalistic, fascistic mob in power today, he's a "self-hating Jew"..Have a look at the comments on that article in Haaretz and see why Israel is beyond repair..Their goose-stepping march to self-destructiveness looks unstoppable!

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