Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NYT’s Kershner, Bronner, Brooks and Friedman are listed as authors by ‘Israel Hasbara Committee’

"Ethan Bronner and Isabel Kershner, the two Jerusalem correspondents for the New York Times, are named on a long list of authors for the "Israel Hasbara Committee." David Frum, Krauthammer, Caroline Glick, David Horowitz and Bob Dylan are also on the list. Mostly rightwingers. Dennis Prager, Efraim Karsh. Ed Lasky. The hits go on and on.

Kershner is an Israeli. She and Bronner are married to Israelis. Bronner’s son is in the Israeli army. Funny that some organization would say they put out hasbara!

The committee says it’s a voluntary organization, established in 2001, and that it’s dedicated to "disseminating truth about Israel and the Jewish people."
Also listed, the BBC and the BBC News!

Here is the list in full: EDIFYING!

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