Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Are the Russians Really Coming?

It's just like old times again

by Justin Raimondo, June 30, 2010

".....This Russian “spy” story is so flaky, so Bizarro World-ish, so obviously a con job that, really, no commentary is required: all one has to do is report the facts of the “case” to see that there is no case, or, as Gertrude Stein said of her home town of Oakland, “no there there.”

So what’s the point? Who knows? There are plenty of people in the US government who would look favorably on a souring of US-Russian relations. Perhaps the Obama administration is retaliating for Moscow’s lack of cooperation with the Iranian sanctions. Or maybe the idea is to divert attention away from the spy networks that really matter ….

The more we learn about the cabal that didn’t steal a single secret, the louder the alarm on your BS-ometer will ring – that is, if you’re paying attention to the upshot of this case at all. Most people won’t, of course; they’ll just remember the headlines about “Russian spies” and retain a general impression of Russian malevolence – and that’s the whole point. That’s what propaganda – good propaganda – accomplishes. So we can say, with this little operation: Mission accomplished! "

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