Thursday, August 7, 2008

International heart specialist concludes successful visit to Gaza

"GAZA, (PIC)-- The well-known heart surgeon Raed Al-Abdullah has concluded a visit to Gaza Strip where he examined 95 Palestinian children suffering heart problems in a number of Palestinian hospitals and health centers in the Strip.

Suhail Fleefel, the director of the Palestinian children relief foundation, which is based in the USA, revealed that the visit was successful, adding that the surgeon who is an American citizen of Iraqi origin examined 95 cases and found out that at least 35 cases of them need urgent heart surgeries, and the rest of the patients were in need of intensified, close, and continuous medical attention and treatment.

According to Fleefel, the foundation would arrange for the transfer of the 35 Palestinian children who need surgery to Al-Maqased hospital in the occupied city of Jerusalem to receive medical treatment based on the recommendation of Al-Abdullah.

The Israeli occupation government deny sick Palestinian citizens in Gaza Strip exit permits to leave the besieged Gaza Strip and go abroad for appropriate medical treatment.

At least 230 sick Palestinian citizens had passed away as a result of the oppressive siege the USA, EU, and the Israeli occupation impose on the Palestinian people for over two years now.

He added that once everything pertaining to transferring those sick Palestinians to the hospital, the foundation would invite heart surgeon Dr. Aland of New Zealand to carry out the surgical operations.

Abdullah is currently in the West Bank city of Ramallah to examine similar cases."

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