Friday, August 8, 2008

Meet the Next US President, John McCain

Old Wrinkly's Roverian cancer

By Pepe Escobar
Asia Times

"NEW YORK - How mud-wallowingly deep may a multi-millionaire US presidential campaign go? Way deep - deeper and deeper. And this is only early August.

Republican Senator John McCain's presidential campaign's strategic decision is now all too obvious. Swift-boating Democratic Senator Barack Obama is the only way to go.

The McCain-painted Obama is emerging as a US-hating, terrorist-friendly, deeply suspicious, radical, vapid black celeb - Puff Daddy with a Harvard degree. This "new bogeyman" picture travels well in those vast swathes of flyover US territory where urban hipness not only evokes envy and contempt but is regarded as a mortal sin.

The McCain campaign knows that is the only chance in heaven and hell for their candidate in November. What can a strategist do when US voters desperately want change and reject the Republican brand in droves, your candidate is senile and insufferably boring, knows absolutely zilch about the economy, and supports a mega-unpopular war?

So abandon all hope those who yearn for a serious political debate in the US. And it gets worse: signs are the McCain campaign "strategy" is working......

The fact is the Rovian way is working. McCain is on the way up in key swing states such as Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to the latest polls. Obama holds just a slight national lead over McCain. One of this week's polls showed 53% believed Obama himself had played the race card......"

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