Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why McCain May Well Win

By Robert Parry
August 6, 2008

"It might seem unlikely that the United States would elect John McCain to succeed George W. Bush when that would ensure continuation of many unpopular Bush policies: an ill-defined war with the Muslim world, right-wing consolidation of the U.S. Supreme Court, a drill-oriented energy strategy, tax cuts creating massive federal deficits, etc., etc.

But there are reasons – beyond understandable concerns about Barack Obama’s limited experience – that make a McCain victory possible, indeed maybe probable.

Here is one of the big ones: The U.S. news media is as bad as ever, arguably worse......."

COMMENT: It has been my prediction that John McCain will be the next president, since way back at the start of the primaries. A good crystal ball? Hardly; just a simple analysis of the available candidates from both parties and the power structures in this country, including the enormously effective media.

Just observe the changing attitude of the US public towards the Iraq occupation. Through media spin and manipulation, the "surge" has been sold as a great success. This has been McCain's theme all along. Iraq is no longer the story.

To ensure a McCain win, Iran will probably be attacked before the election.

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