Thursday, June 21, 2007

The American High Commissioner

By Professor Sattar Kassem

"There is an American High Commissioner in the West Bank now, he is Jacob Walles (Jake). In the old days, we had a British High Commissioner and he made us lose around 76% of Palestine, what will we be made to lose now?

The US wasted no time in grasping the serious internal rifts, and immediately decided to resume pouring money into the pockets of the new Palestinian emergency government. I need to stress on two points here that we the Palestinians need to put into consideration:

1- The Americans don’t care about Palestinian unity or rights. They treat us as a herd of savage animals who could be tamed through food. They aim at widening our internal differences and increasing our divisions.

2- No Palestinian should think that allying with the Americans will do him/her any good. Allying with the Americans is equivalent to an accusation of treason. The Americans will pump money, and in return we are required to pump concessions.

If the Americans were interested in peace, they will stop furnishing military aid to Israel, or, at least, stop sending tear gas canisters."

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