Thursday, June 21, 2007

Baghdad Green Zone under attack

A US helicopter flies over thick smoke rising from the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad [AFP]

"A series of mortar bombs has hit Baghdad's Green Zone and smoke could be seen rising from buildings near the Iraqi parliament and government offices.

At least seven mortar rounds were counted, slamming into the Green Zone in the centre of the Iraqi capital on Thursday morning.

The origin of the smoke was not immediately known and it was unclear if there were any casualties......

The Green Zone, on the west side of the Tigris, is Baghdad's most secure area but has been a frequent target for rockets and mortar bombs.

The strikes have become more frequent and more accurate recently......"


Just as the Iraqis have to deal with an American-controlled Green Zone on the west bank of the Tigris, the Palestinians are now dictated to from an American-controlled Green Zone on the West Bank of the Jordan.

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