Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Was it really Dahlan's fault?

"It is easy for Fatah leaders to lay the blame for their failure in fighting Hamas in the Gaza Strip on Mohammed Dahlan. In his latest job, as national security adviser to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Dahlan took responsibility for the Fatah security organizations - the forces who were defeated in the Strip. Furthermore, during the fighting, Dahlan was not in Gaza. Nearly the entire leadership of the group in the Strip, who are all considered his associates, have fled the area, fearing for their lives. Overall responsibility is therefore being laid at his feet.

Nonetheless, the latest initiative by the Fatah leadership stinks of an attempt at getting even, and does not appear to be the introspection of an organization that is trying to restore its institutions........

It was Arafat who created the entangled system of parallel security organizations that competed with each other for authority and power, in order to guarantee that none would challenge his power. Not only have these organizations fought each other, but their commanders were all too pleased to watch their rivals in Fatah lose battles against Hamas......."

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