Thursday, June 21, 2007

Palestinian prisoners reject Israel's new policy of segregating Fatah and Hamas prisoners

"Ramallah - Ma'an - Palestinian prisoners held in Israel's Ramon jail have expressed their rejection of the Israeli government's policy of segregating Fatah and Hamas prisoners, applied last Wednesday out of the fear that the bloody events in the Gaza Strip could spread among the prisoners.

A lawyer from the Palestinian human rights organization 'Mandela' visited Tawfiq Rabay'a, Issa Shabaneh, Nidal Zallom, Rami Ziddan and Wael Abu Ghannam in the mentioned prison, which is part of the large Nafcha prison situated in the Negev desert. Another Mandela lawyer also visited prisoners in Eshel jail, also situated in southern Israel.

The Ramon prisoners confirmed to the Mandela lawyer that the relations between factions in the prison are good.....

Tawfiq Rabay'a said that the segregation rule was "unjust" as it "separates brothers" and prevents them meeting. He accused Israel of implementing this rule as part of its policy of deliberately severing the Gaza Strip from the West Bank......"

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