Friday, June 22, 2007

The End of Dissent?

A recent congressional resolution on Iran underscores the War Party's lock on the foreign policy 'debate'

By Justin Raimondo

"......Like most war propaganda, which is almost never related to reality except in the most tenuous sense, the point is not to tell the truth but to characterize the Enemy in a particular way. With Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Washington to ramp up the Lobby's ferocious campaign to get the US to attack Iran – or at least credibly threaten to – the pro-Israel forces on Capitol Hill were out in full force, herding their congressional supporters into a massive display of obedience with a whopping 411-2 vote in the House.

The complete hypocrisy of our "antiwar" Democratic congresscritters, who warble that we need to "end the war" in Iraq, even as they whoop it up for war with Iran, is so brazen that it doesn't require much comment........"

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