Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hamas in the West Bank rejects Abbas' address, assures they welcome national dialogue

"Nablus - Ma'an - The Hamas movement in the West Bank launched on Thursday a scathing criticism of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' address to the Palestine Liberation Organization's central council in Ramallah on Wednesday.

Questioning the legitimacy of President Abbas' proposed actions, Hamas' West Bank leadership asserted in a statement that they would not accept any such "mistreatment of the law."

On the other hand, Hamas assured that their movement maintains their condemnation of any killing, kidnapping or insult of any Palestinian citizen regardless of their identity or affiliation. "This condemnation comes as essential principles of the movement's views, moral values and national commitment," the Hamas statement read. Such action is "not a justifiable response for anyone," Hamas said. The movement also assured that all punishment of criminals, murderers and traitors must take place in court.

The Hamas leadership accused President Abbas (Abu Mazen) of staying silent in the face of Israeli oppression of Palestinians. "If anyone accused us of being silent about the events in Gaza, the most silent one is the president, Abu Mazen, because he is the one who is ignoring the Israeli assassinations against Palestinians and fighters in Gaza and the West Bank without any distinction," Hamas charged. "By day and night he continues his protocol meetings with the Israeli prime minister," Hamas continued scathingly.

The Hamas leadership also criticized Abbas for his "calm" regarding the "420 attacks in the West Bank against Palestinian persons, institutes and municipalities, and their only sin was their Islamic Arab commitment." "He is the one who is keeping silent on the difficult situation in the West Bank."

Hamas also called on Abbas to provide a "clarification for the arrests, kidnappings and the cruel executions of our men in the West Bank".

In response to President Abbas' rejection of dialogue with Hamas, whom he described as "a group of killers which accuses others of either treason or atheism", Hamas retorted that such a rejection is "shameful."

Hamas said in their statement, "We still welcome the national dialogue, which we hope will resolve the division in the homeland and result in sharing legitimacy." The Hamas leadership added that they still welcome Arab efforts to find a solution to the events in Gaza and all mediation efforts aimed at finding a better solution.

In addition, Hamas also rejected the suggestions of replacing the Palestinian Legislative Council with the Palestinian National Council as the principal, legitimate point of reference. Hamas accused the PNC of gaining legitimacy from the "questionable and incomplete" legality of the PLO and its institutions.

Hamas also accused President Abbas of trying to ignore the Palestinian Basic Law. The Hamas leadership asserted that the PLC "is in control of themselves and they won't forget the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons and they will keep faithful to them and their patriotism in the face of the entire world." "

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