Monday, May 28, 2007

The IAF Helping Abbas and the Stupidity of Hamas Makes it Easy to do

Israel relentlessly targets the Executive Force, demolishing 12 of its 16 bases and killing 13 members

"Khan Younis - Ma'an - For two weeks the Israeli forces have been targeting the bases of the Executive Force (EF). Many have been demolished in a clear escalation against the EF, which is considered to be affiliated to Hamas, although it is officially a constituent of the interior ministry.

It is widely considered that the Israeli aggression directed at the EF seeks to destroy the force and its infrastructure........

The force was founded by former interior minister, Said Siyam, who is a senior Hamas leader. He declared that the force was established as an executive force that would support the other security forces.

The force has at least 6,300 members from the Palestinian factions, 4,300 of whom are from Hamas. It has many military vehicles and uses Russian Kalashnikov rifles and some locally-made hand-grenades.

The force has 16 bases in the Gaza Strip: two in Rafah; two in Khan Younis; three in the central area; 6 in Gaza City and the rest in the north of the strip. 12 posts were destroyed in the recent Israeli air strikes; 13 members were killed and around 100 injured.......

Abu Sada, who is a lecturer in Political Science at the university, added that Israel used the launching of projectiles as a pretext to launch an invasion in the Gaza Strip. He said he believes that Israel will not be able to end the force, even though it has succeeded in destroying most of its posts......."

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