Saturday, June 2, 2007

Fatah leader laments the intervention of foreign parties in the movement's structure and development

"Ramallah – Ma'an – A prominent Fatah leader and member of the Fatah revolutionary council, Othman Abu Gharbiyya, on Saturday criticized "foreign attempts to interfere in the movement's development."

"Foreign intervention in the movement's organisational structure is practiced by several parties, including the US and Europeans. They intervene at both formal and informal levels, as if the organisational structure is something that can be manipulated according to foreign demands," said Abu Gharbiyya.

He added, "Foreign intervention previously reached the degree of determining the names of candidates to be nominated for legislative elections or those to be excluded, and there was intervention even in the names to be nominated for organisational committees."....."


A Comment:

Instead of criticizing "foreign powers" why don't you look inwards and ask how a supposedly "revolutionary" movement degenerated to become an Usraeli tool dependent on Usrael and their Arab puppets (KSA, Egypt and Jordan) for arms, training and financing? How can the Palestinians have any faith in an organization that allows this to happen and in the open? To have any chances of survival, Fatah has to be rebuilt from the ground up. It has to purge itself from all the collaborators and agents such as Dahlan; even the puppet Abbas has to be kicked out.

I am afraid that it is way too late for that to happen or to succeed. The rot and decay are total and the only thing left is to give Fatah a burial.

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