Monday, August 22, 2011

Libya: freedom is in the air

The collapse of the Gaddafi regime means that 100m people in North Africa, from Tunisia to Egypt, could be free.

By Larbi Sadiki

"I was told by some friends from the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) that Gaddafi's regime would be dead by the end of August. Today I can say they have given me the heads up, and they are right. I had some doubts - I have since the outset of Libya's uprising believed that Gaddafi's end was near, but not quite so soon.

Today Libya's epic triumph is nearly here - zero hour, as some leaders have called it. Libyans are about to breathe freedom, and Libya's sweet air as never before, without Gaddafi.

As Libyans prepare to pull the curtain back to one side, sweeping away their vile dictatorship, they will be opening up an arch of possibilities, domestically and regionally.

Libya's double-Eid


Tunis, Cairo and now Tripoli: the call of freedom

Green Square, Tripoli, impatiently waits to join Tahrir Square and Habib Bourguiba Boulevard in an epic call for freedom across Arab geography. Tomorrow it will be the turn of Marjah Square and Yusuf Al-Azm, Syria, as the circle gets wider, and the dance for freedom louder, drowning out and silencing the guns of brutality for good."

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