Tuesday, December 8, 2015

"I Want a World of Peace": In Exclusive Interview UK Labour Head Jeremy Corbyn Opposes Bombing Syria

Democracy Now!


"Three months ago, Jeremy Corbyn shocked the world when he was elected head of the Labour Party in Britain, becoming the country’s opposition leader, vowing to return the Labour Party to its socialist roots, championing the renationalization of public transportation, free university tuition, rent control and a national maximum wage to cap the salaries of high earners. Corbyn has been a longtime antiwar activist who once chaired the Stop the War Coalition. Last week he voted against authorizing Prime Minister David Cameron to begin bombing Syria. A day before the vote, Cameron accused Corbyn of being a terrorist sympathizer for opposing airstrikes. At the U.N. climate summit in Paris, Amy Goodman sat down with Jeremy Corbyn in his first U.S. TV/radio interview since being elected Labour leader. He discusses why he opposed the bombing of Syria, his refusal to drop a nuclear bomb anywhere if he were prime minister, and his call to determine who is funding ISIL...."

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