Saturday, June 25, 2016

Patrick Cockburn: The Judith Miller of the "left"

Professionally speaking there is no difference between Judith Miller & Patrick Cockburn. Both engage in lies, misrepresentations , war crime apologies and outright propaganda. Yet the first is vilified but the second is Noam Chomsky's most trusted expert on the Arab world and is constantly featured on Democracy Now & other leftist media. In his latest garbage he compares the right wing xenophobic brits to the protestors of the Arab spring, in this despicable article he not only apologizes for Assad but for Mubarak as well.  Patrick Cockburn is a disgrace to Journalism , like Hersh and Fisk, he lost complete credibility and should only be sighted to show how awful the alternative and progressive media has become. -- Zarathustra 


The triumphant mood among those wishing Britain to leave the EU is ominously similar to that of protesters in Arab capitals at the height of the Arab Spring in 2011. Again, the analogy may seem exaggerated because an inbred and often unconscious British sense of superiority bridles at comparisons with other nations. But one of the failings of those protesters in Cairo and Damascus was that they attributed far too many of their country’s troubles to the regime they were trying to overthrow.

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