Sunday, July 3, 2016


When Israel accomplishes 90% of its objectives (such as colonizing 90% of Palestine), you find credible voices within the Israeli establishment who are critical of the government. They call that an Israeli failure, because 100% was not achieved.

Now to the Arab (and particularly Palestinian side). The fact that Israel accomplished 90% of its goals is celebrated as a Palestinian victory! There are no defeats in Arab lexicon, everything is a victory! I heard a Palestinian spokesman recently bragging about the latest Palestinian "victory;" and that was the raising of the Palestinian flag at the UN!

Soon, all that will be left is one square mile in Ramallah, nominally controlled by a Palestinian "president," with a Palestinian flag. The Arabs will call this "Palestine" and celebrate such a great victory! Arab emissaries will compete to visit Ramallah and congratulate the great Palestinian "president."

Israel is delighted to have more of these Arab and Palestinian "victories".  

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