BEIRUT: Eight Hezbollah fighters were reported to have been killed in the north Syrian city of Aleppo on Sunday, a Lebanese security source told The Daily Star.
No further details about the fighters were given.
Hezbollah made public that it was fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces in 2013. It is one of the major forces on the ground in the conflict, which erupted in March 2011.
Syrian regime forces were on the defensive around Aleppo on Sunday after a rebel alliance said it inflicted a major setback by breaking a three-week government siege of the battered city.
The fight for Aleppo, which has raged for weeks, is among the fiercest so far in Syria's chaotic multi-front war, which has killed more than 280,000 people.
Rebel and government forces have fought to control the provincial capital since mid-2012, transforming the former economic powerhouse into a divided, bombed-out city.