Thursday, March 22, 2007

Palestinian refugees in Iraq accuse Maliki government of defaming their image

"BAGHDAD, (PIC)-- Palestinian refugees in Iraq have accused the government of Iraqi premier Nuri Al-Maliki of intentionally defaming their image and attempting to instigate the Iraqi people against them.

During an interview with the Quds Press news agency, the refugees affirmed that the Iraqi government’s allegations of arresting Palestinian citizen Abu Kutada and identifying him as the second man in Al-Qaeda group in Iraq was meant to incite the Iraqi people against the refugees.

“It is true that Abu Katada is a Palestinian and it is true that he was arrested at the hands of the Iraqi police, but he absolutely has no connection whatsoever with Al-Qaeda group”, the refugees asserted.

Kasim Al-Mosawi, the spokesman of US-initiated “Baghdad security plan” claimed that Abu Kutada is a pure Palestinian citizen and that he was the right-hand-man of Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq Abu Ayyob Al-Masri.

The refugees viewed such an instigation campaign as part of the government’s programmed plan to force the refugees out of Iraq.

Few days ago, large numbers of Iraqi and American troops unleashed a wide-scale incursion into the Palestinian refugee complex in the Baladeyyat suburb, east of the capital Baghdad, the biggest gathering of Palestinian refugees in Iraq, killing an Imam (Muslim leader) and arresting tens others.

Many Palestinian homes were ransacked in the raid and valuable properties were stolen by the invaders, residents in the complex confirmed.

More than 140 Palestinian refugees were killed and scores others were arrested and tortured at the hands of the American, American-sanctioned Iraqi sectarian militias, and Iraqi government troops since Baghdad fell under the US occupation in 2003.

As a result, tens of Palestinian families fled that war-torn country on fears for their lives, yet, neighboring Arab countries denied them entry, leaving them stranded in tents at the international borders."

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