Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Palestinian Contras Escaping Gaza (Wearing Only Their Underwear) to........the Protection of Israel!

Soldiers escort Fatah men (the ones in their underwear) into Israel

IDF allows fleeing Fatah members into Israel

"(VIDEO) 180 Fatah members enter country through Nahal Oz terminal after Hamas asserts control in Gaza City stronghold of clan linked to Abbas' faction following fierce clashes; sources in Strip say former Tanzim leader Ahmad Hilles among those allowed entry. Wounded evacuated to Israeli hospitals.

VIDEO - More than 180 Fatah members who fled Gaza City following Hamas' raid on a stronghold of the Hilles clan were allowed to enter Israel through the Nahal Oz terminal after laying down their arms and undergoing an initial interrogation; 22 of those who have entered Israel were injured during the clashes......

IDF sources said the Palestinians were allowed into Israel for humanitarian reasons, adding that dozens more have gathered near the Israel-Gaza security fence and will be permitted to enter the country in the coming hours. They will later be transferred to the West Bank, which is under Palestinian Authority control.....

Sources in Gaza said among those who were allowed entry by the IDF was Ahmad Hilles, the head of the Hilles clan, who then reportedly made his way to the West Bank along with a number of his family members who were injured during the clashes with Hamas......

Hamas Interior Minister Said Siam said that the raid on the Hilles clan stronghold “was not aimed against the Hilles clan, which includes Hamas operatives and dozens of shahids.”

The operation was aimed against those who wished to harm the calm that reigned over the (Gaza) Strip in the past 14 months. Some of the clan's members led an uprising against the government, harmed security officials, gave shelters to criminals, planted explosives and established a military training facility against the Hamas government,” Siam said. "

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